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A study by the University of Toronto has found a link between personality and eyebrows!

The study correlated personality traits with how well-groomed participants kept their brows.

Lead Study Author, Miranda Giacomin, PhD, told Cosmopolitan: that those with well-groomed brows may "..maintain distinct eyebrows so that they are noticed, recognised, and remembered.

She goes on to say; "This increases their likeability and maintains their overly positive self-views."

It all stems back to nature and our own ability to recognise facial features. Distinct brows could be a trait that allows the brain to recognise a face.

The study asked participants to look at photos of individuals where the picture was cropped below the brow line and then again above. Brows appeared to be an identifier for many people.

Divine Arch agree that your brows are a big part of your personality. They are an essential part of the structure of your facial features. We look at some very powerful brows in history:

Marilyn Monroe; one of our fav’s. Marilyn’s brows giver her the appearance of surprised innocence.

Cara Delevingne; attributed to the bold-brow frenzy

Gwen Stefani; iconic 90’s look

Madonna in Who’s That Girl; the deep, dark brows against the platinum blonde was a fad that was revived in the noughties

Grace Jones; a real statement from the 80’s

Images from Getty Images.

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